1906 -  An extension to Sibleys Orchard was built.

25th January 1906: - The work of raising money for the Parish Room was continued with an evening of entertainment in Hemel Hempstead.  The Gazette for the following Saturday made the following report:


What proved to be a most excellent and delightful variety entertainment was that given to a full house at St. Mary's Hall on Thursday evening.  A band of energetic workers are just now straining every nerve to raise funds for the building of a village hall for Leverstock Green there being no place wherever besides an inconvenient and small schoolroom in the village where social functions and meetings can be held.  The inhabitants are certainly doing there part but with a population consisting almost entirely of the working classes the progress made is not sufficiently rapid - so the inhabitants of Hemel Hempstead were very properly  appealed to for support by attending Thursday's entertainment.  Miss Cox was mainly responsible for the admirable arrangements and organisation work, but Mr.. & Miss Cox, Miss Barley, Messrs Dell, Porter, Wright, Sears, Child, the Rev. A. Durrant and others all helped in various ways.  The affair being advertised as a village variety entertainment the prices of admission were popular and not at all in proportion to the excellence of the programme.  But with such a large attendance and all the front seats being occupied it is hoped that a good sum will remain as profit after expenses have been paid..  

The first part of the programme consisted of some novel costume songs from well known comedies, and they were exceedingly well performed.  Mrs.. Herbert Woodman gave "Sincerity" with much acceptance and was handed a beautiful bouquet upon bowing in acknowledgement to a hearty call for a re-appearance.  The duet "In the Springtime" was a sweet composition prettily rendered by the Misses Cox & Biggs, and another item that gained loud applause was a song by Miss Bailey.  Mr.. Moore contributed "There's a Land" and Mr.. Wright gave the exciting recitation  "Kissing Cup Race" in capital style.  Once again Miss Cox appeared, and the audience had the full benefit of her charming voice so rich in volume of tone.  The last item was a humorous duet entitled "I've got an Idea" by Messrs Dell & Porter which caused continual merriment.

Part Two consisted of an amusing farce entitled "The Matrimonial Agency"  ( click here to view programme) in which the dramatis personae were: Harry Beecham (Lieutenant R.N.), Mr.. R. Lavers; Mr.. Ponsonby Funkeyton (a nervous little man), Mr. W.F. Woodman; Mr.. Matthew Furze (a farmer), Mr.. J. Kirkby; Augustus Plantaganet Splatchett (a masher), Mr.. T. Woodward; Miss Diana Popincourt (a spinster), Miss Balderson; Alice Arnold (her niece), Miss Cox; Mrs... Burlington (Alice's friend), Miss H. Balderson; Caroline (maid) Miss Biggs.  The piece was well staged and the audience appreciated the efforts of the performers to no small degree, for there was continuous outbursts of laughter and applause.  Mr.. W.F. Woodman was a host in himself.  Miss Balderson also put "life" into her part and Mr.. J. H. Kirby played with a confidence which has characterised his previous efforts.  Mr.. R. Lavers, Miss Cox, Miss H. Hilderson, Mr.. T. Woodward and Miss Biggs all added to the completeness of the piece and acted their respective parts in a praiseworthy manner.

Friday 23rd February 1906 -  There was a concert in aid of the Parish Room trust at the School house:


The series of concerts in aid of the Leverstock Green Parish Room fund concluded on Friday February 23rd.  The programme as follows was admirably rendered:

Piano selection: Miss Croft Song: Mr.. Moore Song: Miss Malin Song: Miss Sears Ventriloquist: Mr.. Victor Grey Song: Mr.. Jackson Song: Miss Jeffrey Recitation Mr.. Walker.

The second part comprised a performance by a Nigger Troupe, under the direction of Mr.. Moore; accompanied by Mr.. Jackson.  The following comprised the troupe:  Mr.. Moore, Mr.. Mears, Mr.Seabrook, Mr.. Sears, Mr.. B. Sears, Mr.. Ingham, Mr.. L.Cooper, Mr.. Cooper, Mr.. W. Seabrook, Mr.. Dell, Mr.. Wright.

At a committee meeting held on Monday last at Leverstock Green House, it was proposed and carried unanimously that a vote of thanks be accorded to all the ladies and gents who had so kindly given their services in connection with the series of concerts etc..  The Committee are gratified in being able to state that the balance at the bank in aid of the fund is £53. [Gazette 17th March 1906].
Concert at Leverstock Green Schoolroom 
Friday February 23rd
Piano selection: Miss Croft
Song: Mr.. Moore
Song: Miss Malin
Song: Miss Sears
Ventriloquist: Mr.. Victor Grey
Song: Mr.. Jackson
Song: Miss Jeffrey
Recitation Mr.. Walker
accompanied by Mr.. Jackson
Director: Mr.. Moore
In the troupe: Mr.. Moore, Mr.. Mears, Mr.Seabrook, Mr.. Sears, Mr.. B. Sears, Mr.. Ingham, Mr.. L.Cooper, Mr.. Cooper, Mr.. W. Seabrook, Mr.. Dell, Mr.. Wright.
16th April 1906 -  The annual Easter Vestry was held in the schoolroom on Monday morning and well attended.  The vicar took the chair.  The first business was to examine the Churchwardens' accounts for the new year.  These were presented by the Parish Warden (Mr. W.C.Childs) and showed an expenditure  of £48 12s 3 ½ d leaving a balance in hand.  The accounts were duly passed with a vote of thanks to the Churchwardens for their services during the past year.  The Vicar again appointed Mr.. Seabrook as his warden for the coming year and Mr.. W.W. Childs was unanimously elected as the people's warden for the ensuing year.  Mr.. W.W. Sears was chosen to  represent the parish at the rural decanal conference.  Messrs Wright, Dell, Charge & Parkins were re-elected sidesmen.
After some discussion it was resolved to increase the insurance of the church from £2500 to £3000.  An application for a small increase in salary by Mr.. Doggett the sexton and caretaker was granted.  A vote of thanks to the chairman brought a very amiable meeting to an close.

A meeting was held that Monday evening in the schools to form a local branch of the Diocesan Lay Workers Association.  The vicar presided and a committee of four ladies and four gentlemen was appointed.  Several gave in their names to become members.  The hon. secretary and treasurer was Mr.. W.W.Sears.

21st April 1906 - An advert canvassing for WW Sears appeared appeared in the Gazette.  Click here to view.
5th May - 19th May 1906 - the following advert appeared in  the Hemel Hempstead gazette for the forthcoming fete:

Athletic events etc..

In aid of the New Parish Room Fund.

4th June 1906 - The second annual village fete and sports was held in aid of the parish room.  The following write-up appeared in the Gazette the following Saturday:



Beautiful weather prevailed at Leverstock Green  on Whit Monday on the occasion of the second annual sports in aid of the Parish Room Fund.  For many years the need of a Parish Room suitable for all the requirements of the village has been keenly felt and for a considerable time now there has been a  fund for the purpose of raising an amount with which to cover the cost of a building with adequate accommodation.  With the laudable object in view of assisting this fund a capital programme of athletic sports was arranged for Whit Monday of last year and after the success achieved on that occasion it was decided to repeat the venture again this year. The event took place on a field by the church lent by Mr.. D. Walters for the occasion.  There was a large attendance in the afternoon, including a great number from the Hemel Hempstead neighbourhood.  Great success was achieved and it is hoped that a substantial addition to the funds will be handed over as a result of this the second venture.  The organisers who formed themselves into a committee, were very enthusiastic and are to be warmly congratulated upon the excellence of the arrangements.

The proceedings commenced about 3 o'clock, the Dickinson's silver band being already on the ground.  One of the most interesting items during the afternoon was a series of Maypole dances and drills by the school children under the jurisdiction of Mrs... Ford and those taking part performed very creditably gaining hearty applause.  Another prominent part in the proceedings and one which caused most amusement was the greasy pole and the attempts art reaching the top for the prize of a ham.  Of the sports the obstacle race provided a deal of laughter, whilst the slow cycle race also raised excitement.  On the whole all the sports were well carried out the flat races being exceptionally good.  The results of the races were as follows:

100 yards flat handicap (boys under 12): 1.J Anderson (alarm clock) ; 2. K F Bailey (book); 3. R Bowers (pocket knife) 

100 yards flat handicap (for men): 1. H. Sears (cruet)  2. R. Rogers (biscuit barrel); 3.L.Tidey (salts) The race was well run, Sears coming in with 3 yards before Rogers who was but a short distance in front of the third man.

One mile cycle handicap: 1 G. Spencer (sardine dish); 2. E. Matthews (cycle lamp) ; 3. G. Dawson (military brushes)

Skipping comp. (girls under 15) 1. E. Durrant (book); 2. E. Daniels (book) 3. B.Cooper (postcard album)

Obstacle Race: 1. W.Baker (silver tea set); 2.  L.Tidey (biscuit barrel); 3. T.Raggett (razor and strap).

Egg & Spoon Race: 1. S.Ford (case of three scents), 2. O. Seabrook (case of two scents), 3. S. Leno (glove case).
Slow Cycle Race 1. A. Neal (ice-jar), 2. D.Spencer (cycle lamp); 3. W. Seabrook (cycle pump)

One Mile Flat Handicap: 1. E. Matthews (silver cup); 2.F.Taylor (cycle lamp), 3.S.Perry (sugar basin)

Relay Race for Ladies, !. N.Barnes (scent) 2. S.Leno (mincing machine) 3. L. Durrant (blotter)

120 Yards  Hurdle Handicap: 1. R.Rogers (silver teapot); 2. L.Tidey (cruet); 3. S.Perry (carving knife and forks).

300 Yards Handicap (for men over 40):  1.  W.W.Sears (shaving outfit); 2. W.G.Cook (pipe in case) 

1 mile walking handicap 1. J. Sells (clock) 2. A. Ploughman (cigarette case) 3. F.Young (smokers companion)

The prize for the climbing of the greasy pole was secured by James Fossey, the first one to attempt the performance, who succeeded in gaining the ham ion 18 minutes.  A rather amusing point in this was when the competitor reached the top of the pole and took hold of the trophy he found it was tied on too tightly, and so he came down and obtained a ladder, with the aid of which the prize was cut down.

A tug of war concluded the sports and this event was between the sports committee and the band.  The committee won the event, the prizes for the same being a brier pipe each.

In the evening Mrs... Durrant distributed the  prizes.  The Rev. Durrant said he felt a deep debt of gratitude towards the committee who had made all the arrangements for their afternoon's enjoyment.  He was sure Mrs... had found it an honour to present the prizes.

At the conclusion of the presentation a vote of thanks was passed and cheers given for Mr.. & Mrs... Durrant at the call of W.W.Sears and Mr.. W. Wright.  The remainder of the evening was devoted to dancing and a battle of confetti, a most enjoyable gathering finally breaking up with the National Anthem.
The committee was comprised of Messrs W.Wright (hon. Sec.); A. Seabrook, W.Dell; W.W.Sears; A.Mears; B.Sears; and H.Cooper whilst several others kindly assisted in the general arrangements.  Refreshments were provided on the ground by Me. Westell of Cheapside Bakery.
[Gazette June 9th 1906]

21st July 1906 - The following advert appeared in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette :

Mr.W.Dorant will sell by auction on Monday July 23rd 1906 at 2 o'clock 
on the premises as above by direction of the owners, excellent NEARLY NEW FURNITURE 
and outdoor effects. Covered Mahogany suite, Brussels Carpets and Rugs, 
fine tuned Harmonium, Curved & Plate Glass Sideboard,  Sewing Machine, 
work table, set of tapestry cushions, excellent village car, Winchester rifle,
 New cart cover, Ladies bicycle, Kitchen utensils etc..

Catalogue off Mr.. W.Dorant, Estate Agent St. Albans.

25th August 1906 - The following brief article concerning the Parish Room Fund appeared in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette:

THE PARISH ROOM FUND:- The Committee have been much encouraged by a communication from Messrs J. Dickinson & Co.. to the effect that they will give a donation of £25 towards the Parish Room Building Fund immediately the work has been commenced.  The villagers generally speak in the most appreciative terms of the Apsley firm's generosity.  The fund has now reached the total of £100.

It would be interesting to know whether this donation was ever made, as the Parish Room was not opened until December 1920.

Saturday 22nd September 1906 - The wedding took place at Holy Trinity between Montague Latchford and Elizabeth Brigginshaw, both of Leverstock Green. [Gazette 29th Sept. 1906]

Sunday 23rd September 1906 - At the Harvest Festival held at Holy Trinity a collection of £3. 0s. 6d was made for the West Hertfordshire Infirmary.[Gazette 29th September 1906]

26th September 1906 - Dorothy Mary Durrant, fourth child of the Rev. Arthur Durrant and his wife Alice was born at Leverstock Green. Sadly she was to die tragically at the age of 26 in 1933. (See entry for September 15th  1933) [S300]

Tuesday 3rd November 1906 - Dedication services were held at Holy Trinity to mark the 56th anniversary of the consecration of the Church.  The following is from the Gazette:

DEDICATION FESTIVAL:- The 56th anniversary  of the dedication of the Church was celebrated on Tuesday when special services were held as follows:- Holy Communion 7.30. choral celebrations 9 and festival service at 7.30.  At the latter special music was given, the officiating clergy were the Dean of St. Albans who preached an instructive and appreciated sermon from the words "Ye also shall bear witness to me."  The Rev. W.T.T. Drake read the first lesson and Rev. A.H. Parrett the second.  The prayers were intoned by the Vicar (Rev. Arthur Durrant) and the Rev. E.J.Gallop.  The anthem was What are these (Stainer), the Magnificat and Nunc Demitus were also by the same composer.  The novelty of the service was the introduction of a cornet in the processional hymn (Hail Festival Day) which was very sweetly played by Mr.. Rhodes of Hemel Hempstead.
Owing to the heavy rain there was not a very large congregation.

4th November 1906 - Dorothy Mary Durrant, daughter of the Rev. Arthur Durrant and his wife Alice, was baptised in Holy Trinity Church. 

Saturday 24th November 1906  In the Hemel Hempstead Gazettes of 1905 & 1906 there was frequent mention of football matches played by the Leverstock Green team - usually referred to just as The Green. One of the most exciting matches to be reported was played on this Saturday:


The Green journeyed to Abbots Langley on Saturday and defeated them by 4-3.  The ground was very wet owing to the thick fog.  The Green soon got going and the forwards raced up the field, and Plowman put in  lovely shot.  This was fisted out by the goal keeper, and How received it and banged it into the net.   This early review made Langley look up and play became very exciting, each side going very strong.  Langley, by a good bit of passing soon equalised.  The Green were at this time playing a good game and especially Hill at right-half who seemed to be just where wanted.  Plowman put in as good shot at about 20 yards range which scored Point No 2.  The Green were not having matters all their own way and the Langley forwards soon became dangerous and scored their second goal.  This was, however, offside, as the Langley forward stood under the bar.  Half-time arrived with the score reading 2-2.  

Upon the restart the Green broke away and for about 5 minutes were putting at goal.  Plowman at last put in a  ripping shot   which glanced off the crossbar and into the net.  The game was now getting very fast, both teams having an equal share of it.  Langley by a good shot scored point 3.  Both teams tried hard to increase the score and Rance from outside right put in a lightening shot which the goalkeeper failed to hold.  Langley tried hard to equalise and were pressing when the whistle blew for time.

All the green played well and it was by far the best game played by us this season.  Hall was however, the mainstay of the Green.  Seabrook also performed wonders in goal.  Of the forwards How and Plowman played very well.  Sears, at centre, played a good game, especially with his head.  Langley are a clever team and have some very good men.  The Green team was: Seabrook:goal, May & Turner:backs, Hill, Sears and Albion:halves, Rance,Thirnham, How Plowman & Jordon:forwards."[Gazette December 1st 1906]

December 1906 - A brief advert appeared in the Gazette each week in the run-up to Christmas as follows:

MISS LENO Leverstock Green, Ladies own materials made up.  Terms moderate.
[Gazette December issues 1906]

Friday December 28th 1906 - The first of the new season's entertainments in aid of the parish room fund took place:

LEVERSTOCK GREEN ENTERTAINMENT:  An interesting entertainment was given by the school children in the schoolroom on Friday evening in aid of the Parish Room Fund  . Owing to the inclement weather the room was not so well filled as usual.  A somewhat lengthy programme was gone through consisting of songs, musical duets, dialogues, drills etc.. concluding with a musical sketch entitled The Persecuted  Policeman.  The success of the programme was largely due to Mrs... Ford (the schoolmistress) who spared no efforts in training the children, all of whom played their parts tremendously well.  The programme was as follows:

Opening address: S.Seabrook
Violin solo: Miss B. Hart
Glee: School children
Dialogue: O.&.L.Seabrook
Street cries: five children
Song: Miss E.Durrant
Dialogue: S.Leno & E.Wilkin
Hornpipe: The Misses Umfreville
Dialogue: H.&.W.Wright
Wrong Envelopes: five girls
Cello solo: Mr.A. Durrant
Barber: five boys
Recitation: Mary Cooper
Scarf Drill: eight girls
Mandolin solo: Miss D. Cox
Musical sketch The Persecuted Policeman

[Gazette 5th January 1907]

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