1912 - The entry in Kelley's Directory for Leverstock Green this year showed very little change from 1910. The population figures were identical with those for 1901.  The position of Parish Clerk had once more fallen to the village wheelwright, this time, Robert William Wright.  There was no change in the post office or the times of despatch and collection of the post.  There was a new village bobby,  Constable Allen William.  The Public Elementary School was now classed as a mixed and infants school, although strangely Kelley's noted that the school had been built for 131 children, rather than the 250 previously given. Average attendance was much as before at 115, and the school was still run by Mr. & Mrs. Ford.

A new entry appeared; that of Correspondent, for which the Rev. Durrant was named.  Entries elsewhere throughout the directory also gave the local vicars as Correspondents.  I wonder with whom they were supposed to correspond?

The list of principal Private residents was slowly increasing, and included a 
Justice of the Peace. It now read as follows:

Joseph Bailey, Chambersbury             William Beecham, Wood Lane End
William Charles Child, Hill Side        Thomas Cox, Hill Farm
Col.Charles, Wm.Ernest Duncombe         Rev. Arthur Durrant, Vicarage
 V.D. J.P. Orchard Lea                  Mrs. How, Cox Pond
Elliott Jackson, Bennetts End Ho.       Miss Jackson, Tile Kiln Cottage
Herbert Secretan, The Dells             Sl .Golden Umfreville, Well House Farm
Percy Webster, Sibleys Orchard.

There had been no changes given in the commercial sector, except for the addition of two members of the farming community: William Henry How, farmer; and Harry Parradine, dairyman, Little Coxpond Farm.

6 January 1912 - January 6th 1912 - The Hemel Hempstead Gazette carried a lengthy report on the various appeals being made against the new rateable values of properties.  Among these was a report of  John Knox-Hart's appeal against the valuation of the considerable lands he held ( Leverstock Green  Farm +).  The headlines were as follows: I am Very DISSATISFIED - MR KNOX HART AND HIS ASSESSMENT, MANY APPEAL AGAINST THE HEMEL HEMPSTEAD COMMITTEE.  There were several appeals against the new valuations.  Mr. John Knox Hart's proinciple complaint being against the assessment of land at Belswains Lane at £80 gross and £76 rateable and also some at Bennetts  End at £40 gross and £30 rateable.  After a considerable amount of arguing the committee eventually agreed to make a reduction but John Knox-Hart wasn't happy with the result. [Gazette 6 January 1912]

April 29th 1912 - Included in the HM Inspector's report in the school log book was the following concerning the size of the school:

"The Upper school is overcrowded, but it is difficult to find another school which excluded children could attend." [S73]

 6th May 1912  - Mr. Ford noted in the school log book that:  
"28 children absent today - Chicken Pox 24, Scarlet Fever 2 Ringworm". [S73]

29 June 1912 -An advert appeared in the Gazette  for "a valuable freehold property for sale an old fashioned cottage with stabling, gardens and about 3 acres let at £30 per annum." [Gazette 29 June 1912]

30 July - 6 August 1912  "GIRL GUIDES 1st Leverstock Green Baden Powel Girl Guides held their third annual camp in the vicarage meadow.  The weather was not very favourable but good work was done and a most enjoyable time spent.  The guides paraded at church on Sunday.  The camp had many  visitors and many useful presents were received." [ Click here to view photograph] [ Hemel Hempstead Gazette August 17th 1912p.8  ]

Tuesday 13 August 1912 - The Gazette reported the death and funeral of  Mr. George Gill (aged 60). He had worked at the Norris brickyards  ( Leverstock Green & Acorn brickworks, Tile Kiln Lane,  for 35  years and the brickworks shut down for the duration so the  employees could attend the funeral service. The service was conducted by the vicar of Apsley.  Mr & Mrs Norris attended the Funeral at the church.  [Gazette 17 August 1912]

25 October 1912 - Death of Mr. Thomas Lay a much respected inhabitant of the village aged 75, was reported in the Gazette . He died whilst in West Herts hospital. [Gazette  26 October 1912]

23rd November 1912  - Leverstock Green School was officially closed by the medical Inspector of Health for three weeks on account of the Mumps. [S73]

28 November 1912  Mr. Edgar Holiday of Apsley End presided over the third annual dinner of the Three Horseshoes slate club...... They had a capital dinner, and read out expressions of appreciation from many individuals - all of whom presumably ran up accounts in the pub -  and toasted all manner of things.  One toast was to  "The continued prosperity of the Three Horseshoes slate club".

19th December 1912  - Mr. Ford recorded the following in the school log:

"After being in the West Hertfordshire Hospital for 9 weeks, Percy Matthews - 514 - died this morning." [S73].
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