1926 -  A cottage belonging to the Leverstock Green Nursing Association was furnished for Nurse Hendry at a cost of £29.  Later evidence shows this to have been at 2, Curtis Road.  [Gazette 15/5/1932, 18/6/1926]

1926 - Several changes were noted in Kelley's Directory for this year, but perhaps the most innovative being the coming of the telephone, as some residents were listed as having telephone numbers. The census returns of 1921 put the population up slightly at 772.

The value of the living at Holy Trinity had risen slightly to £258 , and was still in the hands of the Rev. Durrant. Robert Wright was still parish clerk. The post office and grocers store was still run by William Long.

It would appear that the Jacksons had left and Bennetts End Farm could now legitimately be called Bennetts End House as it was a private residence occupied by Richard Morrison.  Another apparent newcomer to the village was Arthur Webber who had taken over Leverstock Green Farm.

Other changes appear to have concerned members of families already associated with the village. Frederick Charles Boatwright had joined the ranks of farmers ( another Frederick Boatwright had long been a beer retailer.) Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Norris was now a shopkeeper in the village, I'm assuming a connection with the Norris Family who had owned brick workings last century. A George Parradine had become another beer retailer, Harry was a  dairyman, and Thomas Timson had taken over the license of the Red Lion, presumably from his mother. Daniel Cox, as opposed to Thomas Daniel Cox, was now at Hill Farm. The full list was as follows:


Joseph Bailey, Chambersbury              William Beecham, Wood Lane End
Charles Bessant, Tile Kiln             Will. Charles Child, Hill Side
Daniel Cox, Hill Farm                   Charles Thomas Drake, Hill House
Rev.A. Durrant, Vicarage                 William Henry How, Cox Pond
John Arthur Marston, Orchard Lea         Richard Morrison, Bennetts End House
Herbert Secretan, The Dells             Percy Webster, Sibleys Orchard


Jsph.Bailey, frmr, Chambersbury         
Fred. Boatwright,beer retailer
Fred. Chas. Boatwright, farmer          
Thos. Childs, frmr, North End Farm
Miss Beryl Dell, dressmaker             
Albert Edwards, dairyman
George, Albert & Herbert Finch, farmers, Corner Farm
Percy Garratt, beer retailer           
Will. Henry How, farmer
William Long, grocer & P.O.            
Arthur George Mears R.S.S. smith
Mrs. Ada E. Norris .shopkeeper          
George Parradine, beer retailer
Harry Parradine, dairymen L.Coxpnd.Fm.  
Tom Perkins, beer retailer
Arthur Seabrook, Leather Bottle P.H.    
Art. Geo. Seabrook boot & shoe maker
Reuben Seabrook, hay dlr. Tile K. La. 
Walter Seabrook, beer ret. Ben.End
William Walter Sears, builder           
Thomas Timson, Red Lion P.H.
Arthur Webber, farmer Lev.Grn. Fm.     
Robt. Will. Wright, wheelwright &  parish clerk

2nd January 1926 - There was the report in the Gazette  of the death of a Mr  George Wilson aged 64 - a member of  " a well know Leverstock Green family".  He had died at his son's in Kensington.. The funeral was at Holy Trinity, but from the write-up was a small private affair.

20th January 1926 A Baptist chapel social was held at the Parish Hall.  [Gazette 23 January 1926]

5th April 1926 - Wedding conducted by Rev Durrant at Holy Trinity- so he was obviously back in harness!    The Bride - Miss Annie Winifred Gale, was the  daughter of the late WH Gale of Cherry Trees Farm, and the groom was Mr Charles Waters of Colchester. [Gazette 17th April 1926]

(NB notice in Gazette re General strike - worth remembering the wall street crash and depression.)

26 May 1926 - Services in celebration of the anniversary of the Baptist Chapel were held. [Gazette 29th May 1926]

10th July 1926  -Unusually the Gazette carried a longish column of news  re Leverstock Green  in three parts:


The Wedding was between Edith Emily Wilkins daughter of  Mr & Mrs George Wilkins of Leverstock Green and Mr Charles Walter Rogers of Boxmoor.



Villagers of Leverstock Green raised £46 16s for the West Herts hospital centenary fund  As part of the fund-raising activities there had been a WI social, home and school collections.


[this means they are referred to get compensation and ultimately closed.]

The two PH concerned are the Red Lion & The Three Horseshoes  The owner of the Red Lion is Mr. William Warren of Kings Langley, brewers are  W&G Wellers, tenant Mr Frederick Phelps who had held the licence since June 1925;   Owner of 3 Horseshoe was Mr. GW Finch of Corner Farm , brewers Cheetah and licensee Mr Tom Perkins who had held the licence for 22 years.
[Gazette 10 July 1926]

17th July 1926 - An advert appeared in the Gazette for the sale various goods at Cox Pond Farm, as a result of the bankruptcy of the tenant. The auction was to take place at 2 o'clock on 30th July and was to include the following items for sale:
Two excellent cart horses
Black pony
About 30 head of poultry
CAPITAL FORDSON TRACTOR in excellent condition
Tractor 2 farrow plough
Martin cultivator
Tractor ring roller
TITAN tractor
2 horse roller
Single roller
Basting ploughs
Manuring machines      [Gazette 17 July 1926]

9th September 1926  - The records of Horn & Co, Undertakers from Marlowes show the following entry:
Ref 503/ Deceased: White, Lilian Lizzie
DATE OF DEATH: 9.9.1926
NOTE: She was 40 years old and the funeral took place on 13.9.1926 at Leverstock Green Church
Husband: White, Edward
ADDRESS: 5 Adeyfield Terrace, Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead
[DCHT Undertaker's Records, Horn & Co  http://www.hertsmuseums.org.uk/dacorum/funindex.htm ]

25th September 1926: An article in the Gazette  headed GEOLOGY AT HEMEL HEMPSTEAD confirmed the existence of a gravel pit at the Bennetts End brickworks. The geologists were once more doing the rounds of local pits etc. to examine the geology and the following was mentioned: "Thence via Leverstock Green, the Bennetts End Pit was reached and the deposit of pebbly clay with sand overlying the Reading Beds was seen.." ( See photographs at bottom of this page ) [Gazette 25 September 1926]

14th November 1926 - The records of Horn & Co, Undertakers from Marlowes show the following entry:
Ref 524/ Deceased: Edwards, John
DATE OF DEATH: 14.11.1926
NOTE: He was 89 years old and the funeral took place on
20.11.1926 at Leverstock Green churchyard
ADDRESS: High Street Green, Leverstock Green
[DCHT Undertaker's Records, Horn & Co  http://www.hertsmuseums.org.uk/dacorum/funindex.htm ]

26th November 1926 -The records of Horn & Co, Undertakers from Marlowes show the following entry:
Ref 527/Deceased: Finch, Jane
DATE OF DEATH: 26.11.1926
NOTE: She was 83 years old and the funeral took place on 30.11.1926 at Leverstock Green churchyard
Husband (late): Finch, George
ADDRESS: Corner Hall Farm, Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead

NB Interesting to note the address is wrong  should just be Corner Farm ( i.e. Westwick Row corner  Many of the Finch clan were buried together in the same tomb, and other graves are nereby)
[DCHT Undertaker's Records, Horn & Co  http://www.hertsmuseums.org.uk/dacorum/funindex.htm ; Monumental Inscriptions Holy Trinity & other documentary evidence concerning the Finch family of Corner Farm.  Photograph shows (to be added shortly)

26th December 1926 -  Walter Ayre reported in the school log book that:

"Henry George Stewart passed away in the West Herts Hospital - from Meningitis,[T.B.]"  It is unsure if Mr. Ayre mistook meningitis for T.B. or if there was some doubt as to the diagnosis. [S73]

The Gravel Pit behind Mr. Secretan's house The Dells, Tile Kiln Lane.  These pits were dug primarily for clay for brickmaking, but the gravel was a bonus.
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