The Gazette carried adverts for new family saloon cars costing about £130.
1929 - Local Government Act.  The Guardians of the poor were abolished under the Local Government Act, 1929, which transferred their functions to the county and county borough councils. This began the process of providing assis tance through other general services rather than by way of poor relief, a process which was developed by the State with old age pensions, State insurance and (after 1948) under the National Assistance and subsequent Acts. The workhouses became redundant, having lost their original purpose, but some of the old buildings were still used for hospitals.  From the residents of Leverstock Green's point of view this meant that they were no longer divided between three authorities when it came to the provision of healthcare services such as smallpox inoculation etc. [ ; ; S93]

1929     -  Some changes were evident  in the entry for Leverstock Green in Kelly's Directory for this year. For some reason they no longer gave information on the school and the village policeman, although evidence from the Gazette and other sources showed they still existed!  The Earl of Verulam was now listed as the only principal landowner.

A larger number of private residents were listed, amongst whom was Malcolm Webster at St. Michael's End - the property which had previously been the Red Lion P.H.   Humphrey Secretan had succeeded Herbert Secretan at The Dells, refreshment rooms had opened at Cox Pond  (I'm assuming the beverage was tea rather than beer!)  Refreshment in the form of beer was declining in popularity, and there was at this time only one proper Pub and four beer retailers.  Telephone numbers were slightly more widespread.  The list was as follows:


Robert Addie, Denver, Bennetts End            Joseph Bailey, Chambersbury
William Beecham, Wood Lane End                Charles Bessant, Tile Kiln ,B.E.
Mrs. Brebner, Hill Farm House               Will. Chas. Child, Hill Side
Alfred Croker, Logandene ,B.E.                 Archie Fred. Day, Rooks Nest B.E.
Chas.Thos. Drake, Hill House                  Rev. Arthur Durrant,Vicarage
John Art. Marston, Orchard Lea B.E.           Richard Morrison ,Ben.End House
Humphrey B.Secretan, The Dells               Malc.Webster, St. Michael's End
Percy Webster, Sibleys Orchard.


Geo. Bailey, frmr. Woodside, B.E.             
Jsph. Bailey, frmr ,Chambersbury
Fred. Boatwright,beer retailer              
Fred. Chas. Boatwright, farmer
G.F.Dell & sons, farmers                    
Albt. Edwards, dairyman, Wellswood Farm
George Albert & Herbert Finch, farmers, Corner Farm
Mrs. Ethel Holloway, refreshment rooms, Cox Pond
Charles Lines, beer retailer
Geo.Douglas Little, farmer, Westwick Hall Farm
William Long, grocer & post office          
Arth. Geo. Mears R.S.S. smith
Arth. Wm. Nelms, beer retailer              
Harry Parradine, frmr. L.Coxpond
Arth. Seabrook, Leather Bottle P.H.          
Arth. Geog. Seabrook, boot/shoe ma
Reuben Seabrook, hay dlr, Tile Kiln La.     
Walt Seabrook, beer ret., B.E.
Wm. Walt. Sears, builder                     
Wm.Alfd. Skeggs, grocer
Miss Emma Sollaway, shopkeeper               
Art. Webber, farmer LG.Farm
Robert William Wright, wheelwright and parish clerk.

2nd February 1929  Chambersbury was burgled and various items of silver stolen.  See report of trial held on 14th of February reported in the Gazette 16th February. [Gazette 16th Feb 1929]

6th February 1929  The Funeral took place of Mrs Emily Long, wife of Mr W Long of Leverstock Green Post Office.  Unfortunately the microfilm of the Gazette article was illegible but for the first sentence.  Mrs Long, who was aged 60,  had died on 2nd February. [Gazette 16th February 1929, S261]

9th Feb 1929  The Gazette carried an advert for a 3 bed-roomed bungalow for sale (freehold) in Leverstock Green ; no price was given  anyone interested had to apply to Fred Lack of Abbots Langley. [Gazette 9th Feb 1929]

16th February 1929 -  The Gazette carried two reports concerning a burglary in Leverstock Green.  Both reports gave more or less the same information, but one was reporting the hearing at the Magistrates court held on Thursday 7th Feb at which the defendants were committed to trial.  The second, much longer and extremely detailed report referred to the Trial which was held in Watford the following week, Thursday 14th February.  Obviously justice didn't take so long to go through the motions in 1929 as it does in 2003!  Both articles carried the headline:


There had been three defendants :John McDonah (22), Charles Reid (51) & George Woodcock (35), all of whom were charged with breaking & entering the dwelling house of Joseph Bailey at Leverstock Green and stealing a number of silver articles. John McDonah had pleaded guilty the others not guilty. George Woodcock was formally discharged as no case was brought against him by the Prosecuting council.  The robbery had occurred on 2nd February and evidence was given by Mrs Rhoda Anne Bailey of Chambersbury, her maid Jane Sears and PC W.H. Dickinson  (of Leverstock Green) The article gave the precise details of where the stolen goods were found, the "trap" set  by the Police to catch  the offenders and the exact wording  the various witnesses and defendants gave in court.  Both men were found guilty with Reid being bound over for 3 months and McDonah given a 3 year sentence.  [Gazette 16th February 1929]

12th March 1929 - 19th March 1929   - The Rev. Durrant recorded in the school log book that the village school had to close due to the headmaster being ill and the absence of Miss Herbert due to her father's death. [S73]

6th April 1929  the Gazette reported a BIG BLAZE AT LEVERSTOCK GREEN.

On Good Friday morning there was a big fire at Leverstock Green; the dry gorse and brushwood in a spinney near Pancake Lane burning fiercely. Flames spread to a considerable height and spread across the road.  This was the state of affairs, which the Hemel Hempstead, who made a smart turn out found on arrival at the scene.   Their difficulties were added to by the fact that the hydrant was the other side of the flames, and shielding their faces the fireman dashed past the conflagration with flames all but reaching them, to connect the hose to the hydrant.  Excellent organisation and hard work by the brigade soon made itself felt and t fire was soon got under control. Nearby was a house with garage attached, and the firemen successfully devoted their efforts in preventing the spread to this.  They were able to withdraw after about 2 hours from the scene of the fire, but even on Good Friday they were not allowed to rest for long as Common Fires were cropping up all over the district" [Gazette 6th April 1029]

6th April 1929  There was a high profile local wedding:



On Saturday April 6th at Marlowes Baptist Church Hemel Hempstead was the scene of a wedding which aroused very deep interested in Hemel Hempstead and Leverstock Green.  Both bride & bridegroom were well known members of highly respected families of that village and they also have many friends in Hemel Hempstead and district.  The bride was Miss Lillian Ann Wilkins youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs George Wilkins if Leverstock Green, and the bridegroom Mr Leslie Ralph Seabrook, son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Seabrook of the Leather Bottle Leverstock Green.   A beautifully fine day favoured the event and there and there gathered at the church many well wishers. The Rev Colin C Dawson officiat4ed and the service included the singing of the hymn "Love divine all Love's excelling" & Praise my soul the King of Heaven.  Mr W T Robinson was at t5he organ and accompanied the singing of the hymns and also played Mendelssohn's wedding march as the newly wedded couple left the church.   Miss Wilkins was a charming bride in a white georgette and silver lace dress, with veil worked with lovers' knots and coronet of orange blossom.  Her shoes were of silver with stockings to tone and she also wore a gold wrist watch, the gift to the groom.  Her bouquet was of beautiful red roses and lilies if the valley and she carried a coloured beaded dress purse.  Miss Hilda Wilkins (niece of the bride) was the chief bridesmaid and Miss Madge Parkins, aged 3 was a confident picturesque attendant.  The chief bridesmaid was attired in a dress of Sax blue silk, black hat, trimmed with blue flowers, coloured brocade shoes and silver stockings.  The little maid was daintily dressed in pink georgette with pink lace trimmed with forget me knots and patent shoes. She carried a basket of pink roses and forget me knots; the flowers of the chief bridesmaid being pink roses.  Mr G Wilkins gave his daughter away and F A Wilkins (brother of the bride) was best man.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the Marlowes Baptist Chapel Memorial all where a large company extended hearty felicitations to the happy couple.  The honeymoon is being spent in Bournmouth and later in the day Mr & Mrs L Seabrook left for their seaside resort.  The bride's going away dress being of Sax blue crepe de chine with hat to match. Grey chinchilla velvet coat, black patent shoes and white stockings.  The bridegroom will be known as a keen sportsman and for some years was connected with the Webster Cup competition.   Amongst the numerous presents received were those from Messers P J White & Sons the bride's employers, a dinner service and breakfast set; Messers Stanley Robinson & Sons Commin, St ALBANS WHERE THE BRIDEGROOM is engaged and their staff, cheque and cutlery canteen; and a cheque from the Leverstock Green Parish Hall Committee. [Gazette 16th April 1929 (front page news)]

31st August 1929 - DEATH OF REV H C FINCH MA  Rev Finch had been Vicar of Abbots Langley since 1925, and was the late Rev son of George Finch of Leverstock Green.  He had died after a long illness aged 59. [Gazette 7th September 1929]

7th September 1929  saw another front-page write up of a local wedding, this time of the brother-in-law of Leslie Seabrook, Mr F A Wilkins, son of Mr & Mrs G W Wilkins of 2 Coronation Villas Leverstock Green.  This time the wedding took place at St. Peter's Church in Berkhamsted, the home town of the bride Miss Kathleen Haggar. Leslie Seabrook was best man.   The reception held at the Crown Hotel (Berk).  [Gazette 7th September 1929]

29th October 1929  This was the date of the Wall Street Crash which in turn led to the Depression of the 1930's.  However, apart from a noticeable increase by about 100% in the prices asked for property advertised for sale in the Gazette, the local paper carried no indication during the rest of the year of any problem.

Wedding of Leslie Seabrook & Lily Wilkins. Three year old Madge Parkins is seated between her grandparents Arthur Seabrook and Lily Seabrook ( nee Dell), his second wife.
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