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This page was last updated on: May 31, 2016
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an in-depth history of one village in Hertfordshire UK.
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Photographs copyright RALPH RAYNER
(unless otherwise marked.)
Local residents and councillors, officials from the Boxmoor Trust Estate and MP Mike Penning, gathered in the area of Bunkers park know as "Mattens" on Saturday 14 May to see Dacorum Mayor, Gbola Adeleka and his wife Carol cut the ribbon on a farm gate to allow a small herd of Belted Galloway cows from the Boxmoor Trust Estate into the park where they will remain until the autumn. BBC Three Counties Radio reported the event.

The Belted Galloway - a rare breed of Scottish Cattle - are known not just for their distinctive white belt, but also have a very placid temperament making them ideal to use in an area where the public can roam. They are also frequently used, as is the intention here, for conservation grazing.

Leverstock Green resident Ralph Rayner took a delightful collection of photographers of the event, which I am pleased to post below.  

I would be pleased to receive  further photographs of the cattle grazing in Bunker's Park during the summer, which with the photographer's permission I can also post here. Contact me with your email address, and I will reply ( usually within a couple of days) so you can send them to me.   Thank you Barbara Chapman

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The cows waiting to be released.
The Cows were obviously content, as they started to graze whilst waiting.
If you can add to the photographic record of the cattle over the summer, or can name anyone in the above photos, or have any other issues to raise over this webpage, then  please contact me.
I would like to post here a lovely photo of the Mayor talking to two children - one of whom was wearing a Spiderman out-fit; and add another to the gallery showing a young boy crouching in the grass.

If you are the parent or guardian of these children can you please contact me, so we can discuss whether or not I can publish these pictures.  Thankyou