An in-depth history of Leverstock Green,
a village in Hertfordshire UK
Barbara Chapman
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Leverstock Green's History from Pre-history to 1899

Leverstock Green in the 20th Century

Leverstock Green in the 21st  Century

Leverstock Green's history as seen through maps.
This page was last updated: June 9, 2019
For a variety of reasons I can no longer spend the same amount of time as in the past on my research and updating this website, though I DO still explore our local history and continue to find new historic items of interest.e.g.from: 
which now publishes items online.

It is still my intention to update existing pages on the Leverstock Green Chronicle website and to add new information, and I am constantly working on this. Unfortunat;y I cannot wave a magic wand and make it all happen "just like that"!

If you have any information relating to Leverstock Green's history and members of your family who lived here, including photographs, ephemera etc.please contact me so I can arrange a meeting and/or exchange email addresses so I can include your information in my archive of Leverstock Green's history, and if you agree post this information on this website.

        Thankyou, Barbara Chapman 21/05/2019
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